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Year 11 Day 153 12:41
Can a person wearing a large backpack fit into a X-ceptor?

Year 11 Day 153 13:16
They could be wearing a full Snow-trooper armour and still fit

Year 11 Day 153 13:44
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
If I recall correctly you can't have a large back pack or even a small one, the volume is too great to fit in that fighter. Also you can't wear a full set of Storm Trooper Armor, you could have the helmet and the armor itself, but not the tool belt.

Year 11 Day 153 14:05
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Items on your person aren't counted anymore, precisely for that reason.

Year 11 Day 153 14:27
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
Really now, oh well I just recall last year not being able to carry my Large Bag and my armor on my 510, that'll make things easier.



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Year 11 Day 153 14:28
Helmet and Armour would be counted as a full set in SWC, you don't even get the boots :P

Year 11 Day 153 19:14
Yeah, for a bit Zero, carried items counted against the volume/weight cap of the entity. Precisely because people couldn't enter a fighter while wearing a flight suit was the reason it was changed so that you could carry as much as you want, you just oculdn't drop it if it went over the limit.

So guest, yes you can.