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Year 6 Day 342 23:47
Sith Cedric
Sith Cedric
Where can I find this market place? I hear that that is the primary buying spot! i have no items accept my fists!
(That's no threat)
And how do I get to it!?!? And I can't find a town? I started in one then I got lost! Please Holomail me!

Year 6 Day 343 0:06
Only starting cities tend to have "Shops", which is where you can buy a knife, a backpack, maybe a vest, little things like that. You'll have to find your way back to the starting city on Kashyyyk.

The map of Kashyyyk can be found HERE, hover your mouse over the cities to see their name. The starting city is Rwookrrorro at 5,4. Your current position is displayed on the sidebar under your character image, HP, XP, CP and such. You'll need to walk back to your city unfortunately.

Your best bet, during that travel, is to look around for a faction to join, since they'll get you a ship to fly, and off the Force-forsaken planet of Kashyyyk :)


Year 6 Day 345 17:07
If you're referring to the Galactic Market, that's at http://www.swc-gm.com and is most commonly used among traders, but you may not be able to afford much on there yet. All GM trades are done between traders personally, meaning you should make sure the other party sends first, or use a trusted middleman, to avoid getting stolen from.