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Year 11 Day 169 13:22
Not sure is this is a bug, but I had some items picked up and it didn't show who was carrying them. They were not in a container or pack; etc. Is this part of the thief skill or is he using a bug to keep his identity hidden? Thanks.



Year 11 Day 169 17:46
He carier can unassign themselves from the item. They can't hide the event you get when they pick it up however.


Year 11 Day 169 21:00
Hmmm, I had the exact same thing happen.
I had a scheduled pick up of one of my items, and the person who was supposed to pick it up did, but it didn't generate an event and it never changed the previous carrier to the pilot picking it up. O_o


Year 11 Day 170 11:36
Yea, I didn't get an event message either. Must be a bug. I also think this guy knows this and is using the bug to his avantage. Why? Because he stole alot of gear and nobody else realizes it yet.

Should I report this to the bug db?


Year 11 Day 178 0:14
Not to say that this doesn't actually happen, but I moved 100 items this afternoon from one ship to another. I owned 73 of them. I got an event for every single item I picked up.

I'm not sure if the owners of the other items got an event, but I'll send them a message and find out. If they didn't I'll post and let you know. Ownership and item events may not be buggy, but not owning the item could be the particular issue.

Year 11 Day 178 16:37
Got replies from two of the items owners. They recieved an Assign event while I was moving them. Shows as 1 condensed event, so they didn't get them with each item I picked up. Not sure if thats a Database clean up, or the way the events will show.

Seems to be working for my situation, if that helps for the admins reading this.