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Year 11 Day 174 9:46

My brother was the one who told me that I should try this, that is why I put referred by a friend, but you only see that we have the same IP address. This is because we live together, is there any way I could get you to allow this game. Because I saw him playing it and I thought that it was cool looking. Also we some times share the same computer but today I am at my mothers house so we shouldn't have the same IP address. What do I do?

Year 11 Day 174 9:56

Never mind this game sucks because you all act like super Nazis, I only wish that my brother didn't play this, his may be brain washed into thinking that this is fun.

Year 11 Day 174 13:15
Wow, you waited a super long time for a reply, didn't you.

All you had to do was register as a multi.


Year 11 Day 174 13:22
Yep. This game has rules, so we all must be nazis!

The fact that you can't wait over ten minutes for a reply simply proves you don't have the patience nor the mental fortitude to last long in this game anyway. :)


Year 11 Day 174 21:51

I supose your right, and I am sorry.

Year 11 Day 174 22:19
This is a game that can take weeks to do things in (ie travel works in real time) so having great patience is a requirement

Year 11 Day 176 11:10
Cael Sarn
Cael Sarn
If you don't have patience, you might as well play something else. Like the Stock Market. ;)

Year 11 Day 186 16:35

I'm not the person who wrote this topic, just want to add in my two cents, lol.

My Dad, got me started in this game, he had NO patience, lol, we got banned because an admin thought we were one person, multi-approved. We've been on a 30 day ban, Dad tried to email the admin once, right after the ban, and cause he didn't get a reply, he got pissed and doesn't even want to try and talk this out with any of you, lol, he's also a hot head, I'm not like that, I take after my mom, lol.

My point is, is that I only got to play this game for a short time before this happened, the admin can only do their best, all they have to go by is what they see on a screen, so you have to be patient and somewhat understanding, or else you are better off buying an xbox, lol.

Cheers all,
Patiently waiting for my ban lifting and reading a bunch of stuff until then. :)

Year 11 Day 186 18:42
We need your handle otherwise we cannot do anything. Just make sure that it is 30 days since you were banned otherwise we will ignore it and forget unless you tell us aftert he time is over.


Year 11 Day 186 19:13

My handle is Shotan Turok and it's been over 30 days, I take it you were talking to me?


Year 11 Day 187 3:59
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