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Year 11 Day 175 10:45
Billy Willims
Billy Willims
is there any way i can join a job in kashyyk?

Year 11 Day 175 15:02
Rakoth Maugrim
Rakoth Maugrim
You probably mean a Faction, which is a job. Cause that is how you get paid. Check out the *** homepage. We are not based around Kashyyk but we could pick you up. Send me a DM (Darkness Message, PM) if you have any question. But as far as moving, go to Control tab on the right side of the screen and hit Position. There will be travel feature, type in the coords you want to move to and hit "GOGOGO"

ElliasEdit: No recruiting!

Edited By: Ellias Aubec on Year 11 Day 175 17:41
Year 11 Day 175 15:07
Sim Karr
Sim Karr
Rakoth, the new player help area is not an appropriate place to recruit/advertise - for anyone. You should rather direct him to where he can find a job (i.e. Positions Vacant forum).

Year 11 Day 175 17:43
Best bet is to look at the list of factions, here, and find one you like. You don't have to pick one that operates near Kashyyyk since almost all of them will arrange someone to swing by and pick you up.


Year 11 Day 177 10:01
Billy Willims
Billy Willims
how do i tell them because i want to work for the corillain pilot