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Year 11 Day 176 10:48
Cael Sarn
Cael Sarn
What is the maximum amount of CPs any one person can have?

What is the maximum amount of $$ any one person can donate for CPs?

What is the highest level any one person can achieve on one of their skills? (e.g. Fighter/Freighter Piloting)

When can one be tested for Force sensitivity? (What I am asking, is there a certain time that you can not be tested?)

(Okay Hal, I restored said questions. Thanks.)

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Year 11 Day 176 10:52
On the Dev server some time ago I sent myself something like 999,999,999 CPs to get some stuff I needed (before I got the spawn tools working there), so it supports pretty high numbers.

As for amount, people have donated hundreds before. Not sure what kind of numbers you're thinking about.

Edit: Please don't remove your original questions as they might later help someone who wonders the same thing.

The maximum for any skill is 5.

You can be tested at any time for Force Sensitivity, but there obviously isn't much point in getting re-tested once you've had a negative result unless you've passed one of the thresholds (6, 11, 16, etc).

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Year 11 Day 179 21:59
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
To follow up on the force testing, I'm approaching level 6 (a few more long hyper trips should do it) so if I get tested now while still level 5 and get a negative, will it be worth doing it again in a few weeks when I attain level 6?


Year 11 Day 179 22:20
Yes. In fact, it may be better if you just had it after you become lvl 6. When you are tested does not affect anything with your force potential. Whenever you create, and ever 5 levels after the first, the server automatically determines if you are FS using your current % chance. THis is then logged, and your facets determined. SO you oculd forseeably be FS at lvl 1, but not be tested until lvl 21. At which point you will have the same potential you would have had if you had been tested immediately. Except you would of lost all that time in training.