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Archives » Selling items with cutsom image
Year 11 Day 177 4:56
Ordinii Gotha
Ordinii Gotha
If I were to sell an entity with a custom image, but didn't want to offer image hosting to the new owner, is there a way to update the entity with new custom image URL without paying a new CP fee?

Year 11 Day 177 5:21
If the new owner contacts an art team member with image links of a new custom that follows the rules, we can replace it for free.

Year 11 Day 177 5:59
Ordinii Gotha
Ordinii Gotha
Ok, Thanks.

I might have been a bit unclear. If new owner wants to keep the already approved custom, my plan was to send the images to new owner and have an admin update the entity with the same images, but new image URLs.

Year 11 Day 177 6:11
What Jevon says still stands. The new owner would have to upload the images themselves - custom image hosting is not done yet.


Year 11 Day 177 9:46
Exactly. Just have the new owner upload the identical images to their host, and we will replace the image URLs.

Year 11 Day 177 10:11
Ordinii Gotha
Ordinii Gotha
Wonderful, thanks a lot.