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Year 11 Day 178 2:36

I was thinking of spawning as a gamorrean but would like a little help on how i would RP as one.

Year 11 Day 178 15:41
Hmm, the traits that spring to mind are "big", "clumsy" & "not terribly bright"

Year 11 Day 178 19:06
Unable to speak Basic. Very honorable warriors, so you could play on that.


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Year 11 Day 179 2:17

how would i speak without knowing basic lol? unless i have my character learn it, but would i mostly just speak in body language and grunts?

Year 11 Day 179 3:31
A droid?


Year 11 Day 179 6:49

maybe. But i thought gamorreans hated droids.

Year 11 Day 179 22:39
The same way Wookiees comunicate

Year 11 Day 180 0:23
Could always get a custom NPC, or a Foreign Language NPC and RP them as your translator.


Year 11 Day 181 11:33
Daehd Moroz
Daehd Moroz
I would LOVE to see You RP as a Gamorrean, you could say something like "Mos gree tuk shee da" and then write within brackets what you meant... just don't get forget to do that, when Gamorreans speak I always feel like they're mocking me... ))))))


Ever sincerely yours,

Quarrenoghri Daehd Moroz
Year 11 Day 186 1:33
A bit late, but since this is an interesting topic and maybe others will read it--we've actually had two particularly notable Gamorreans that used to be very active in roleplaying, and I was able to RP with them on a few occasions. As far as communication went, one roleplayed that he could speak a little bit of Basic, but only barely enough to make himself understood, and the other roleplayed a complete inability to communicate verbally. In both cases they relied mostly on actions, so in writing, they would try to focus on how they were coming across to others. Instead of being able to communicate "That person over there makes me angry," they'd gesture furiously at the offending person and grunt in an angry tone, for example. :p

The way that you write it yourself makes it easily understood by the players reading what you write, and then they can choose how their own characters perceive it. Droids or NPCs are options as well, but it depends on the direction you want to take your character. It's probably not fair to say that all Gamorreans hate droids or absolutely refuse to interact with them; some may find it necessary because of some past experience, etc. Just like not all humans are exactly the same in terms of their beliefs and prejudices.

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