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Archives » How do you get out of Tatooine Space Port thing
Jara Kenobii
Jara Kenobii
Hi. I just started and I cannot get out! I'm a "Jedi Padawan" named Jara Kenobii. I am having severe trouble on my first mission!
~Jedi Padawan, Jara Kenobii.

I don't want to sound rude.. but if you've just started out, you're not a padawan. Unless you spawned right next to a Jedi who tested you, and you were miraculously force sensitive. And, just to note: Your entire character history/biography.. is improper. Read the SWC rules, this game does not take place in/on/around the time line or characters of the movies. We are an alternate story (mostly because LucasArts has copyrights on each character in the movies/books, so that they cannot be used or referenced without their explicit permission.) See this link for more help.

Now, to your question. Walk around in inside the facility and get a full map of it on your screen. Most of the time, when you spawn, you are placed in the room that will allow you to enter/exit, or one room to the side from this room. As you move around, you'll see an Exit option pop up when you get to a room that will allow you to leave. If you've already walked around the facility alot, I couldn't begin to give you directions on how to get out. Just walk around, take your time and explore a bit until you figure it out. It'll be a good way to kill time while you search for a faction.

Bento is correct; You are not a jedi until you have been tested. Join a faction and ask about being tested, it works better that way.

To exit the building you need to find the room that looks like this:
Where you move around, a button that says "Exit" will appear at the bottom of the action list. Clicking it will successfully allow you to walk around on the outside.

Where you spawned should of been the exit room. As Jevon said there will be an [Exit] button to the left of the map showing where you are. Click that and the confirmation and you will be outside.