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Year 11 Day 184 3:55
Can you spawn ships anywhere on the ground anymore?

Or must they be spawned in a Starport or Landing Pad?

Does the Starport/Landing Pad have to be assigned to you? Or can it be any Starport/Landing Pad?


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Year 11 Day 184 5:21
You have to be in the relevant facility it tells you. So long as you are inside you can spawn - they then appear outside. You do not need to be operator/owner/etc.


Year 11 Day 184 5:21
Alex Truman
Alex Truman
:: Ships ::
To access the ships exchange, you must be inside a powered Landing Pad or a Starport.



Year 11 Day 186 16:57
Thanks I wasn't sure if you had to be an owner/operator/etc or not.


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Year 12 Day 185 13:59
Sorry I just wanna clear something up for myself it says Spaceport or Landing pad so that means I have to land on a planet and find a spaceport or landing pad then once Im there what do I do?

Year 12 Day 185 14:04
You have to be inside one of those facilities and then go to the CP exchange page.


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Year 12 Day 185 21:35
Im guessing I just dont have access? Its saying building blocking access

Year 12 Day 186 18:41
Galthar Spech
Galthar Spech
dont try to land on the building, land on the ground next to it then board the facility.