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Year 6 Day 348 17:19
Marcus Traven
Marcus Traven
It's obvious that X-wing and A-wing pilots both fly and target weapons. And I understand that leadership allows a PCs to lead NPCs (the number dependant upon the level of leadership) but PC's are only allowed to lead units of the same kind, yes?

I mean an X-wing pilot with good leadership could "lead" a number of NPC piloted X-wings but no A-wings or B-wings.

So how does a capital ship operate it's guns? I mean a commander of a SD (for want of another easy example) with high enough leadership could lead a squadron (or flotilla-whatever) of SDs but not the gunner teams crewing his own SD's turbolasers- or am I wrong?

Do all capital ships require a "gunnery serg" PC to lead the NPC gunners who operate it's weapons? And if so, why don't I ever hear of them being in demand, surely there are more pilot than gunner PCs.

Year 6 Day 348 18:05
Shambree Shimsham
Shambree Shimsham
Whoa, maybe I missed something while reading the rules, you need people to man the turrets?

Year 6 Day 348 19:34
Marcus Traven
Marcus Traven
I don't know. I haven't seen it refered to in the rules. That's why I'm asking.

Year 6 Day 349 9:45
what in the hell is an SD?


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Year 6 Day 349 13:30
Star Destroyer


Stabro Bledorkix
Space Log
Year 6 Day 349 18:56
Capital ships will rely on NPCs, which will probably need to be hired at a later date rather than being created like the current ones. The rules on the subject will be updated and expanded well before combat. Don't worry about it before then.


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Year 6 Day 350 0:25
Deleted Post
Deleted by Marcus Dren. Reason: irrelevent
Year 6 Day 350 15:12
Tai`to Kale
Tai`to Kale
Well Shambre, there is a stat for maning capital ship turrets, so i suppose that a crew of gunners will be needed in the future.

I suppose all of the NPC rules will eventually be revised and fixed, incluiding the whole same type thing. But i suppose it would be more interesting if you needed a PC "coordinator" to coordinate the NPCs in shipmounted turrets, It's how it works in most star wars sources afterall.

Year 6 Day 351 23:39
I would have thought that yes, your targeting ability on a cap ship depends on your targeting skill. So effectively, ignore NPCs for now because your own combat skill will determine how will you do far more than your NPCs.

Year 6 Day 352 13:33
Only if you have enough NPCs to man those guns.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.