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Year 11 Day 195 20:42
Oftentimes, I fill everything out or I download the installer or whatever and do what I'm supposed to do but the points never show up. I've done the cursormania one several times and I just tried the zwinky offer. The points haven't shown up at all.


Year 11 Day 197 11:33
Jennifer Blvd
Jennifer Blvd
Here is the protocol for offers that you have complete, but did not get credit for:

Please send an email to NoReward@blvd-media.com with the following information:

* Website where you filled out the offer: SWCombine
* Your name
* Your user ID (characterID): This is the number right to your handle on the Character Sheet.
* The offer name
* A screenshot of the offer completed/reward page

It usually takes about 24-48 hours to research and respond since this is NOT an automated process. We have a dedicated customer service rep working exclusively on SW Combine.


Year 11 Day 198 4:26
Jadzia Miransi
Jadzia Miransi
I find this process annoying and unrealistic, especially the screen shot. You just did it all, and quit, then find you haven't got the points, and of COURSE, you haven't got the screen shot. Then we get to do it all again? Oh the joy. :)

Year 11 Day 198 13:52

We understand that its impossible to screen shot every single time...especially if you're trying to do many of the offers very quickly.

It is best to keep the offer window open and keep checking the tool (for about 5 minutes) after completing what is required of the offer. If nothing happens...then you can easily do the screen shot.

If by chance you close the screen before capturing the image and the offer doesn't convert...please contact us anyway at NoReward@blvd-media.com and explain the situation. We are an understanding bunch and if you don't abuse this ... we can definitely accommodate you.

I hope this helps.

Year 11 Day 198 13:58
Jennifer Blvd
Jennifer Blvd
That last post was from me. Sorry I forgot to log in.

Year 13 Day 63 2:23
Game Name: "TheNinja-RPG"
UserID: 1770560
The offer you filled out,
A screen shot of the reward page.
The amount of popularity points that should have been paid. 7 points