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Archives » How do I leave a planet when I have a ship?
Artix Magulon
Artix Magulon
I am on Kessel and it will not let me leave the atmosphere , all I can use is crossterrain travel , city travel , and planet travel {The galaxy button is not working}I have a ship and entered the atmosphere ok but now i can't find out how to leave the planet.

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Xithos Berkner
Xithos Berkner
If you click the "planet" button, do you see an option then to orbit? It's a little confusing but that's what you use to reach orbit of a planet.

David Kellar
David Kellar
Ok I have the same problem, I am on a cloakshape/ H fighter and when I hit planet there is no orbit functio. What do I do?

A link link to a page that covers many of the Darkness operations.
Another link to the rules on movement.

These pages should cover most of the issues on movment in the Darkness.


David Kellar
David Kellar
Thanks I got it now.

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