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Year 11 Day 197 11:42
Jennifer Blvd
Jennifer Blvd
Hi Everyone!

Please let me know what country you are located in so that I can have the team start acquiring new offers for you.

Also...please let me know what types of offers you like.

Here is how this works...the payouts of the offers are directly related to the amount of time/effort/money that is required from you.

Thus, email submission offers that take about 10 seconds to complete pay out the least, while credit card offers or mobile phone subscription offers pay the most since you are buying something.

Since every game is different, I would like to open the forum to get your feedback to help us fine tune our offers to you.

Thanks for your feedback!

Year 11 Day 197 12:37
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
As a stingy UK resident I will never take up a credit card (as i neither have, need or want one) or mobile phone offers as those i will always use a shop for.

Only offers I am vaguely interested in are for electronic things but even then not often.

Year 11 Day 197 12:54
Jennifer Blvd
Jennifer Blvd
Would simple email submits or surveys be of interest to you?

Year 11 Day 197 14:12
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
For me that rather depends again on what personal information they require. Many require my phone number as a mandatory field which again I will not give out as you never know who an 'affiliated company' is.

If it is a survey which requires no more information than they could get off the electoral role then I am happy with that.

Year 11 Day 197 17:41
Cyrus Vel
Cyrus Vel
USA is my country.

I would be very interested in surveys and pretty much anything that doesn't require my money.

Year 11 Day 198 0:11
I dial in from Germany.

I am mostly interested in surveys, registration things, but I hardly disklike things that require me to pay actual money or share my highly precious credit card details with anyone.

Year 11 Day 198 3:20

I am mostly interested in surveys, registration things, but I hardly disklike things that require me to pay actual money or share my highly precious credit card details with anyone.

I Am in Belgium, and completely agree with this statement


Year 11 Day 198 4:30
Jadzia Miransi
Jadzia Miransi
Forget the credit card offers for me too. I prefer small and simple registration ones. The rest are far too complicated. I especially hate the surveys say 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,99,99,99,99,99,99,99,99,99% complete offers where it tricks you into doing 'just one more page'. That is VERY annoying and off putting, you will never do it more than once and is just deceptive.

Also, offers need to be upfront about whether charges will eventually be there. Doing a survey and then finding out after spending 20 minutes that 'hey, you need to pay' is really REALLY annoying.

Year 11 Day 198 14:08
Jennifer Blvd
Jennifer Blvd
Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for your feedback.

We totally agree that some of the offers that send you down the "co-registration" path can be very tedious. Our goal is to make you happy. That is why we tell you up front what is required of the offer. Despite the requirements, there may be additional pages on the various offers. This is strictly at the discretion of the advertiser.

Any offer that requires you to submit a credit card to purchase something or your mobile phone number to subscribe to a monthly service will be stated on the first page or two (if it isn't in the description).

Our main focus is on high converting offers that require no payment from you. In some countries, those offers are bit tougher to find...so we do the best we can.

Please keep up the comments ... we are very interested in hearing from you and getting your feedback.


Year 11 Day 198 18:55
I've tried several of the surveys, and as soon as I hit the end, and the Loop of Click Offers kicks in, I end up closing the window. I took the survey, declined whatever the offer was that I knew would be tied to it.. but there's sixteen more pages to click through (I stopped counting and closed after that) before I can claim my reward.

So long as they don't require my credit card or phone number.. I'll try it out. And even if they do.. the police station here in town is gonna get a lot of spam phone calls. Under no circumstance will I ever EVER buy anything from these surveys, questionnaires. May as well just pull them from the list.

Year 11 Day 199 10:08
Jennifer Blvd
Jennifer Blvd
This bit of information applies to all of the freebie offers and should help everyone ... the reward of credits and the prize for successfully completely the offer are 2 totally different things.

Each offer has fine print detailing what is required to ensure you win a 4G iPhone or a New Dell Computer (or whatever). That is the part of the offer that the advertiser is providing to you.

The part that we (Blvd Media and SW Combine) provide are the CPs. In the offer description (on the rewardTool) it tells you what is needed to earn those credits.

If you only want those credits...fill out the information fields correctly and you should convert offer. If you want the actual prize that the advertiser is offering...read the fine print carefully and follow it to the end.

I hope this helps!

Year 11 Day 200 2:32
Scott Hall
Scott Hall
I'm from Romania and so far I had only one offer, to download a toolbar.
Can we please have more program/toolbars download offers and surveys?
Any freebie offers are more than welcome.
Thank you!

Edited By: Scott Hall on Year 11 Day 200 2:33

I'm not the new kid from the block, I'm the whole block, baby!
Year 11 Day 200 8:41
Jennifer Blvd
Jennifer Blvd
Yes...we will look to add more offers from Romania. Those are a bit harder to find, but we will start looking immediately. Thank you!

Year 11 Day 202 15:46
Olan Kaabe
Olan Kaabe
I am from the USA, and I would definitely support beneficial and easy offers like the ArcaMax Weather offer or Jinni.



Year 11 Day 204 10:47
Jennifer Blvd
Jennifer Blvd
We will definitely try to get more of the 1 page email submits for everyone in all countries.

I know how much you like those (as do we), but sometimes it takes the advertiser a while to get new offers.

Lately, there has been a lot of turnover with offers...so keep checking back...we have been testing a lot of new ones and many will be going live this week.

Thanks and keep up the good work!