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Archives » Banned multies allowed to choose what character they return with after 30 day ban?
Just wondering why banned multies are offered the choice of which account they would like to choose when there 30 day ban is complete.
In relation to the multi accouts of Shotan Turok / Lance Korian. This person was caught for have 2 accounts and banned for 30 days.
Lance had done many trades on Centerpoint and IRC . His other account had not completed any trades up untill his ban had passed.
Just before Lance was banned he had recieved about 40 million in credits from around 20 or so people both through Centerpoint and IRC for ships, droids and so on. He then transferred the credits to his multi account and was then banned before transferring any of the items. He was then given the choice of which acount he would like to keep when the ban was finished. Now he had a choice of Lance Korian, which the account had a small amount of credits and was wanted by lots of people for not supplying the goods that had be paid for. Or he could choose Shotan Turok, who had all the credits and was not known in IRC or Centerpoint.
Well suprise suprise, the accoutn Shotan Turok with the 40mill credits was choosen, then straight off to work he went on centerpoint.
With in days of his ban being complete Shotan Turok has completed 37 million in successfull trades. Not bad for a new account.
pilot for $25k
ship for 2 mill
ship for 2 mill
ship for 2.5 mill
vehical for 350k
ship for 2.5 mil
droid for 250k
npc for 90k
empty slab for 6 mill
empty slab for 6 mill
speeder 250k
ship 2.3 mill
ship 2 mill
material 685k
stock 1 mill
ship 1.1 mill
stocks 26k
stocks 500k
stocks 25k
stocks 1 mill
ship 2.5 mill
ship 625k.

What I would like to know is:
If your a banned multi why do you get a choice of which account you get to keep?
Why he wasn't penalized with removal of the credits that he transferred from his account to his new account?
Whats to stop anyone else from doing the same thing? It looks a very easy to do this, just start some sales and transferr the credits into your multi account untill your caught for being a multi then serve your ban and come back to SWC / centerpoint with a clean record and millions of credits, in fact so many credits that people that have had an account for several years will never reach that level. It looks like several multies have done this this year.

I think if you get banned for being a multi when you are eligible for unban you get to start over with a new character. That way it would prevent someone from making a multi to scam everyone knowing when they get banned they will just keep the clean character.

Possibly falls into the 'use a middle' spiel. Anyway, when multis are allowed to choose we will take a portion of their stuff anyway. But since we can see all your events and such, if it happens more than once, then yes we would take action to ensure that their stuff goes back to one account rather than just piled into the 'main' account.


There was no need to use a middle as most of us had traded with him dozens of times within the NR in which he was a trusted member and we had no reason to believe he would not of completed these other trades as well if it was not for being caught for being a multi.
So is there any chance of getting the credits sent back to there original owners that sent them to his multi account when he created it?
I just want to make the point that:
This account was illegal and no one should of been allowd to make transactions and the credits should be retured.

Edited By: Brett on Year 11 Day 209 15:03
A person scamming IC has nothing to do with whether that person cheats OOC or not. What that character does with the credits has nothing to do with whether they cheat OOC or not.

Use a reputable freaking middle. Scamming is perfectly legal, and legal actions will not be reversed even if they person has also committed illegal actions. Stop looking to the Admin to make up for your poor judgement.


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I think the whole issue is that this person transferred credits from Korian to the new character, and then when unbanned, chose the 'clean' character which had all of the credits, illegally. In my opinion, it breaks the rules to use a multi to gain all those credits and then transfer to your clean character.

Kainen Morguli
Kainen Morguli
What Ellias is trying to say is, regardless of which they chose, it was penalized. The clean or "dirty" account, doesn't matter. Whichever he chose would be docked assets. I understand that you don't like it, but sorry to say, you don't have to like everything in this game that goes on. The rules have been established for things like this, and the ASims have found it sufficient to take away assets from banned individuals so that they can't come back with everything they cheated from people. This may not seem fair to some, but it is what was decided to keep people coming back to the game.

Besides, it isn't as if you won't find out their multi's name and blackball them anyway...so just, don't trade with them. That's what you people do with other known scammers, even after they recreate.

A sad day for the combine.
11 years for me here and I guess this is one of the reasons membership is so low. A person looking would think that you get rewarded for being a multi. Thus more poeple keep becoming multies. Its a cycle of multies.
The multi in questions is not a scammer, they are just getting a free ride at the exspense of all the other new members of the combine that have to work within the rules.

This multi should not have been given a penalty , they should have all assets removed!

So a quick question for this poor hard working honest member that now see's a way to get quick credits, some excitement and a new clean account.

So for me with 11 years here, I can trade today with many people and not use a middle.
So what would happen if:
I suddenly post, I'm leaving the combine and selling everything I own, well below market. 5 gallos say 15 mill each, 5 yt 2000, 31 Hotels, so on and so on. Just selling the lot
They all sell and I have 375 mill credits sent to my account from various people, I then create my multi account , transferr the 375 mill to my new clean multi name and dont tranferr the items to the new owners, in fact what the hell, I may as well transferr the items into my new multi name. Then I can get the quick credits and still keep the items.
I then get caught for being a multi, how much of the 375 million credits and 31 facilites will I loose with the penalty?


Xavze Zavan
Xavze Zavan
Ya there are far too many slaps on the wrist when a severed hand is in order here.


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Gunther Innis Tennor
Gunther Innis Tennor
Heh, if only you knew how things are actually handled.

If you pulled that shit and it was my case I would only let you have Brett back while all the assets stayed with the banned multi of yours.


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There are several things wrong with your scenario.

1. You should still use a middle...regardless of whatever.
2. Why would you be selling your assets because you're quitting? Players who quit use credits just as less as they'd use ships.
3. We have in the past stepped in, if the multi was involved in some sort of IC/OOC abuse, such as member counts, holding assets for their multi, FS test/recreate, etc.