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Archives » Someone is breaking the rules
Year 11 Day 211 15:40
Deleted Post
Galthar Spech
Deleted by Galthar Spech. Reason: don't think this post needs to be up here.
Year 11 Day 211 15:57
Rules regarding naming conventions got changed several times in past years.
The character you mention is older then the latest rules. So it is ok that he has that name.


Year 11 Day 211 16:50
Galthar Spech
Galthar Spech
Didn't mean to be a trouble. thanks for the FYI.

Year 11 Day 211 20:59
Additional FYI: Once a handle has been accepted, it's legal either way. The owner of the handle can choose to have it changed for breaking the rules if they wish (as per the recent Sim News) but they are never forced to do so. This also applies to handles predating the current rules.


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Year 11 Day 211 21:27
Just to clarify: a character in a game is not a Real-Life Character

Year 11 Day 212 18:21
Deleted Post
Galthar Spech
Deleted by Galthar Spech. Reason: Kinda feel stupid right now.
Year 11 Day 213 7:09
Imo, not stupid, just not fully aware, and (again, imo) it's better to bring something to the attention of the ones in charge incase it slipt past them

Year 11 Day 213 11:15
Thats ok..I have found 25 names from KOTOR and KOTORII in this game.

Sion Plagueis..LOL


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Year 11 Day 213 21:48
Better than some of the names in SWG, ah saw a Warp-core Breach running around the other day

Year 11 Day 217 5:23
i hope you ran quickly tiali:P