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Year 12 Day 211 6:34
Can you set it so if you fall they drag your arse back to safety, rather than attempt to finish off the beastie (and unless you have Uber Ewok-Jawa ninja samurai hybrids they won't do any better than you just did and end up getting everyone killed)?

Year 12 Day 211 9:41
Did you read the rules and/or the post quoted directly above you, or are you being as obtuse as usual?

Year 12 Day 211 9:57
Has ammo been reimplemented, or are the projectile type weapons simply ready to fire, regenerating their capabilities after the firedelay?


Year 12 Day 211 12:18
Ammo was removed, I have heard nothing of it being re-added. My equipment screen shows no indication of there being ammo, at least not like there was previously.

Year 12 Day 211 12:28
Not even how it could be seem in Room Travel, but not in Equipment? It's gone gone?


Year 12 Day 211 12:32
It can still be seen in room travel, but not in equipment. Nothing has changed since they removed ammo to begin with.

Year 12 Day 211 12:35


Year 12 Day 211 15:14
Thanks for answering in your usual oh-so-helpful and not-snide manner as usual Mickey
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The Player's Character is essential to all forms of infantry combat, whether they are issuing orders, or engaging in their own combat actions. If the player is incapacitated or killed, his units will no longer be able to engage in combat and will flee. 

Year 12 Day 211 15:17
Looks like you just answered your own question Tiali. >_>

Year 12 Day 211 15:19
I try with the belief that one day I will help you help yourself. You consistently prove me wrong.

Year 12 Day 212 1:00
You know you could have just said "No, your troops will only continue fighting if you are alive or at least conscious and giving orders, otherwise they will drag your stinking disgusting puss-filled body back to the nearest Leper-colony"

Year 12 Day 212 1:07


Year 12 Day 212 9:38
Or you could actually check the rules before wasting your time and his posting here a question that is clearly answered there.


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Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 12 Day 212 10:44
I've looked over the rules and I haven't found a clear answer on this one...

If a creature flees outside of your line of site, does it despawn? Or is this a glitch?

Reason I'm asking is that I was close to killing a bunch of Boma Beasts, and they moved just out of my field of vision. When I moved to where they should have been, they weren't there. I've since looked all over the terrain tile and can't located them anywhere.

As a side note, the Boma Beast is listed as solitary, and there were 11 in the group that spawned...

Edited By: Thearn Nightstaf on Year 12 Day 212 10:48

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Year 12 Day 212 12:44
Xu Xlaar Vivan
Xu Xlaar Vivan
We also have Tauntauns spawning on a planet that isn't Hoth, looks like there's still a few bugs.

Year 12 Day 212 17:57
They don't disappear outside your sight - its possible they just moved quicker than you thought. They should only disappear if you leave that terrain/city for any reason (ascending, cross-terrain).


Year 12 Day 212 22:21
If my squad is patrolling, and come in contact with creatures, will they defend themselves if attacked? Will they flee?

Units that are following orders are less effective than units that are actively engaging in actions with the character. They will choose their own weapons and tactics within combat based loosely around the core objectives given.

- Ground Combat: 1.1.3/ Issuing Orders

This was as close as I could find, in the rules, to answering my question. Any elaboration would be appreciated. Thanks!


Year 12 Day 212 23:19
A Defending Player or Party, on being attacked, makes a counter-attack.

- "Ground Combat Rules"

EDIT: Updated

Edited By: Phillip Bromley on Year 12 Day 213 1:17
Year 12 Day 213 0:14
Got it. Thanks Phillip.


Year 12 Day 213 2:04
Still no anwser to my question!

Are the weapons skills (e.g. Projectile Weapons) part of combat yet or don't they have an effect on any weapon you are using (e.g. DL-44 works the same for a person with Projectile Weapons skill 0 as it does for someone with skill level 3)?

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