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Year 12 Day 213 10:32
I'm wondering this as well. With all the recent (awesome!) implementations, the rules have gotten out of date.

Year 12 Day 213 10:58
I am under the impression that skills play a part, because I have experienced people with higher skills appearing to hit more than those with lower skills.

(On the other hand, all droids seem to be doing well, and don't necessarily have great skills.)


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Year 12 Day 213 17:08
If creatures cant see you in a ship, will this mean they also cant see you when your on a swoop ?

Year 12 Day 214 3:19
Yes. Ships and Speeders are entities that are counted as containers. Even though there may not be a roof on you speeder the cockpit is still counted as a room. So your inside a room and so the creature can't see you.

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