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Year 11 Day 220 9:45
I hope I'm not the only fool who's found this error to be true. I tried to use the NavComp to estimate a trip and found a serious calculation difference between the actual travel time and the NavComp's calculations.

Leg one from current position to destination estimated at 5D 14H, where the actual travel time is showing 9D23H. I've rechecked the skill and hyper entries in the NavComp, and they match what I currently have. I am traveling in a C-Wing squadron of 4 ships.

Does the squadron reduce travel speed, or is there an error in the NavComp, or an error in the Combine?

If there's an error in the NavComp, can we get it fixed please? I actually use it when I plan out multi-legged trips.

Edited By: Amon Nublar on Year 11 Day 221 4:01
Year 11 Day 220 11:32
Refresh your cache to make sure you have the new version of the Navcomp.


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Year 11 Day 220 13:56
Yep, I've done that. Still showing the 5D travel time for a trip taking me 9D +.

Maybe you all can calculate it and check it to see where my error is. I have a pilot 3 with a ship of hyper 3. Travel between coordinates: (250, 41) and (44, 448).

Year 11 Day 220 14:08
Comes up as 5days 22hrs and 27 min for me.

Year 11 Day 220 16:21
Navcomp is incorrect. 9 days is correct. Typo in navcomp, I've fixed it for next sync.

Edited By: Clarr Solo on Year 11 Day 220 16:51
Year 11 Day 221 4:01
Greatly appreciated, all.