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Year 11 Day 220 16:34
Can we get a summary of the changes made during the most recent sync?

For example, are we meant to be using position beta now? If so, why does it appear to be unfinished? (Commanding the NPCs to board something broke when I tried it... there is no easy way to select many entities from the party screen, etc.) [The current situation has added minutes of tedious action on my part to do things that were fairly simple before...]

Other things I've noticed:
- City XP works differently (from a ship)
- Cross Terrain travel works differently and takes longer

If I don't know what you intended to change, I can't very well tell what is or is not a bug when I go about my business.


Owyn Darklighter
Year 11 Day 221 2:54
Mining events seem to be in a state of disrepair too. Can no longer find the pause button on mines and show stats for mine creates an error message. Are these just temporary side effects of the new move?
Love the idea of collecting creatures though, ( Here wittle Rancor, here pretty pretty!)


I think there's a Bug in the System!!!
Year 11 Day 221 7:53
Cross terraining allows moving into any neighbouring squares from the border, rather than just adjacent squares.

All of travel was rewritten and ETAs are slightly out due to the conversion to the newer system. All ETAs now for travel are exact +-30 seconds, rather than +-3 minutes in the old system.

(When we turn on faster ticks later in the week, we've had some SQL locking problems preventing us testing it, so for now the tick is still at 3 minutes).

The changes in ETAs are really not as bad as people say, I've heard people screaming bloody murder for the ETA change and that it's "5x slower" or that cross terraining in gallofrees or bulks takes 5 hours now. That's wrong, it takes about 10 minutes more now.

Cross terraining in a bulk for me increased from 51 minutes to 1h 5min. This is really a non-issue.

Ground travel also decreased maximum speed, it now caps at 1 minute per square, and you will move each square individually and not "hop" unlike last time. This change is for combat specifically.

Year 11 Day 221 12:15
Xavze Zavan
Xavze Zavan
You are correct in that cross terrain is not horribly affected but travel in cities sure is.The increase for me is 13 mins to cross a city to 21mins...thats like 40% increase...this is gonna near double the time it will take to build....I dont have all day to do 1 simple task.

XP whoring in fast ship on unslabbed grids..is this even a concern?

btw...wheres my pilot skill in all this?


How would you like to pay income tax EVERY month?
Year 11 Day 221 17:14
Right, but you're using a really bad example. Here's why:

You don't cross the entire city to build, you do a lot of short jumps.

In the old system the minimum travel time was nearest_ceil(3) minutes, so if you wanted to move one square, on average you would wait 1.5 minutes to the next tick to move, meaning if your ETA was 3 minutes you would be waiting 3-4.5 mins to do the move.

In the new system as soon as we've worked out the kinks, we're going to turn on 1 minute or 30 second ticks as well as on-demand ticks, which means that the average to move (1 square) is going to be 1.5 minutes (with 1 minute ticks) or 1.25 minute (with 30 second ticks) or exactly as the ETA shows you (with on demand ticks).

The time to move 3 squares will remain at 3-3.25 minutes, and 4 will be 4-4.25 minutes.

Furthermore, you'll notice that we've enabled seconds on the timer, as soon as we enable on demand ticks, when the timer hits 0, you'll be finished.

So I really don't see the issue, in theory it's longer, but in practise the old system underquoted ETAs.

Try it, refresh your page and watch the timer, the seconds will not jump around unlike the old system. It's a massive improvement and better for the players.

Skills are in the rules pages, as per usual.

Year 11 Day 221 17:59
Craulani Ortesma
Craulani Ortesma
I'm assuming that crossterrain speeds have been capped as well? Was there a particular reason for that?

I'm not really a fan of this as it makes vehicles go from having 3 practical uses (prospecting, storage and speed) to just 2. Being the leader of a vehicle manufacturer I may be slightly biased since this will probably affect sales of the speed vehicles, but I think it kind of sucks that it now takes me 30 minutes for a trip that used to take less than that including crossing the city to get to the other side to continue my crossterraining.