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Year 11 Day 221 21:41

Ok so The Zarren brothers were banned because you guys said that they were the same person. Then I, Amelia Medacino (my handle) get on here and log in at there house and I get banned.

Now tell me why is it that you guys are being this way. I understand being safe but the least you can do is let one of us have our account back. Please.

What do you need, divers liscense, proof? Let me know.

Year 11 Day 221 23:21
Please contact the person who banned you. Their handle is available from the Sim News post, their email is available from the SWC Team page.

Year 11 Day 222 0:21
Gunther Innis Tennor
Gunther Innis Tennor
I'll handle it here seeing I'm the banner.

So your "buddies" got "themselves" banned for being the same person (not my ban). One of "them" tried to log in and when he found out he was still banned "you" happened to create an account on a different IP and almost immediately log in on the banned IP?

Even if you are a unique individual, you either intentionally logged in on a banned IP or your friends allowed you to break the rules and log in on their computer neglecting to inform you of the ban.

Now tell me why is it that you guys are being this way. 

I suggest you aim that question at the one(s) who got banned in the first place, if not for that failure the most recent ban never would of occurred.


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Year 11 Day 222 11:27

They were banned because they were "suspected" They were never given a reason or an explanation. And there 30 days were up so I'm told. Khameir wanted to unlock his account but Drako did not.

I live up the road aways from them. I created my account at my grandparents and came home that weekend from celebrating the 4th. When I went over to hang out with my friends I wanted to check my account as I was expecting a important DM back.

I did not know that there IP was banned, yes that's true, but I never thought of it. I was just told by them that they didn't play anymore.

I'm planning on moving in with them and I'd like to play this game that I enjoy so much.

Please would you lift the ban on my account. If the Zarrens want to play they can contact you or whoever banned them. Its up to them, but I know that I still do want to be a part of the combine. Please lift the ban?

Year 11 Day 222 11:30

Please do note that I just found all this out from them this morning about there ban. I had no prior knowledge of this.

Year 11 Day 227 23:32


Year 11 Day 231 18:37

All I'm asking for is the unban of one account.

Year 11 Day 232 0:40
Chancy Mandu
Chancy Mandu
Perhaps try and email the person that banned you rather than posting in here every few days.

Year 11 Day 232 19:48

If you have been banned, you must contact the person resonsible, or at least send an email to assistants@swcombine.com telling them about your situation. Unbanning is not an automatic process, and the onus is on the banned to organise everything.


Year 11 Day 235 9:29

I will send an email to the adress you provided. I have sent one to the person in charge of the ban but I was not even given the courtesy of a reply.

Year 11 Day 235 15:44
Gunther Innis Tennor
Gunther Innis Tennor
Sending me emails are futile seeing I block any email addresses I don't know. Ones that get forwarded to me I acknowledge if I haven't already addressed them.

I've already stated why the permaban was issued and ignoring those reasons will not overturn the decision. The issue is moot seeing that the actions taken on your side are blatant and the permaban stands.