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Year 11 Day 222 22:36
When I created my account I used my main email. I recently changed the my email in account settings to another one I had. Now I'm trying to change it back to the one I signed up with, but I won't do it. Could someone help me here please?

Year 11 Day 222 23:26
Should be able to use exactly the same option you used to change it the first time to change it back again.


Year 11 Day 223 21:56
I did the exact same. It did not change and I've tryed it multiple times.

I've been trying everyday, but It won't change! I put my other email in the box, click change and when the page reloads it has not changed.

Edited By: Marli Ruk on Year 11 Day 228 0:53
Year 11 Day 228 1:36
Try changing it again, then clear the cache and refresh the page. If that doesn't work clear the cache again and attempt once more. Otherwise I don't know why it wouldn't work except for you might not be using Firefox.

Year 11 Day 228 2:17
Shut up about Firefox.

Year 11 Day 228 4:07
Hmm. DM me with your current email address and the one you want for th new one - hopefully our tools still work and allow me to change it for you.