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Year 11 Day 229 7:52
Akela Galney
Akela Galney
I might have missed the Sim News related to this, but I have stopped receiving XP for ascent/descent, traveling in atmosphere and cross terrain. I didn't know exactly when it stopped, but it seems to have started after the new travel features were incorporated. Were these eliminated or do I have a bug here?

Year 11 Day 229 10:14
Year 11 Day 227, 6:28 You gained 5 XP with the following message: Finished ascending to orbit

- My Personal Events page

Seems to work fine for me ...

Year 11 Day 230 8:51
In fact it is a reported bug, reported by several players, it seems that is been fixed today as several players alreasy stated they recibe xp for traveling in system and hyper. Not sure what will happen to the suppose XP we should have gain but something tells me it's gone.
My best regards.


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Year 11 Day 230 8:58
Akela Galney
Akela Galney
For me it's only been 5 here or there ascending, so I'm not going to complain.

If it's been fixed today, I think I should wait a couple of days to see if it has been corrected before reporting it, so that I don't wind up making another entry for the same bug?

Year 11 Day 230 9:01
Ah just descended and got the 5xp so it looks like it is working

Year 11 Day 231 5:45
It has not been fixed.

If you are not getting XP, your ship is not set as "piloted", rather it's set as "unmanned". You can check by going to your personal ship inventory and viewing the "Piloted" mode, the ship you are in should have a mouse icon in its top left.

Piloted mode is set when you enter the ship, so if it is not set on your ship you should exit and reenter the cockpit via the position screen.

Year 11 Day 231 13:19
How could you fly the ship is it's not "piloted"? You have o pilot it to ascend or descend.

Year 11 Day 231 18:05
Akela Galney
Akela Galney
Clarr, you were exactly right. Thank you for your help.

Year 11 Day 231 18:27
"How could you fly the ship is it's not "piloted"? You have o pilot it to ascend or descend."

Piloted mode (the mouse icon in the piloted inventory) and the "assigned to pilot" are different things.

You must have access (owner/commander/pilot/factionship+cockpitpriv) to access the cockpit. The ship must be in player piloted mode to move it. Previously this generated an error, it does not until next sync.

The old error used to be something like "The ship has not had time to process the new data..."

Year 11 Day 232 5:27
Ok, just run into the 'not piloted mode' problem: ah'm the assigned pilot, ah'm in the cockpit, told it to move, it moved, it arrived, ah did not get any experience and the mouse-icon is not over the ship in inventory

Ah have flown several different ships, a few of them owned by someone else, and this is the first time ah've come across this problem

Was just about to enter Hyper to start a multi-week job but not going anywhere until this is sorted out

[EDIT] Got it sorted, just had to exit and re-enter the room

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Year 11 Day 232 9:29
Akela Galney
Akela Galney
It happened again to me to, only this time when I checked I had the mouse icon next to the ship I was piloting.