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Year 11 Day 231 23:10
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
If I have an NPC-able ship, do I need to have an NPC pilot to set it to NPC control?


Year 11 Day 231 23:18
Not sure if it has been activated yet, but yes, you need an NPC pilot

Year 11 Day 231 23:29
Actually, you can NPC ships, and you don't need an NPC pilot (yet). But it only works for fighters, some freighters, and speeders (and some ground vehicles?). You have to be assigned as pilot of all of them, and they have to be at the same location. Then you can set them as NPC controlled from the ship inventory (under "manage piloted ships"). It's pretty easy to do, just select the ships you want to NPC, plus the one you're in (you have to be piloting one of them) and scroll all the way down, and there's an option to NPC them in the drop down box. You select the ships by checking the box to the left of their image.

All it does right now is make them follow you. Eventually you'll be able to fire their weapons, etc.

Year 11 Day 231 23:45
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
That's what I thought, (don't need 1 yet) but wanted to make sure before hiring a bunch of pilots I don't need.


Year 11 Day 232 0:12
Well, you'll need them eventually. It might be a good idea to hire them now and train them before you need them. That's what I'm doing with my Ewoks, I'm hoping to have them to at least level two before combat, hopefully level three.

Year 11 Day 232 3:25
Ok, is that follow you only in sub-space, or can they follow you through Hyper? And do you know where to find a list of the ships that this works with please? A link if possible, C&Ping is just lazy on the posters part (not to mention a pitn for those who need the info :P)

Year 11 Day 232 3:55
- NPC'ed ships follow you everywhere.
- link for the list of NPC'able ships: http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Military_NPCs
(Though I am pretty sure I read that that part of the rules is subject to change)


Year 11 Day 232 4:23
Thanks for the link Vip :P

Ok, so the only ships available to use your NPCs with are fighters and a couple escort/landing types?

Year 11 Day 232 4:42
No, as mentioned earlier by Bromley you don't need NPC to set the ships to follow you. You just need to be at the very same location within a ship of same type and set the others to be 'NPC-piloted' in your inventory.


Year 11 Day 232 5:14
Just tried to set a freighter to NPC to follow me, selected both ships and scrolled down to the bottom but the only options were [Unassign] [Description] [Set Controller] & [Show on Galactic Map], but the new ship ah'm piloting doesn't have that mouse-symbol icon over it's image to indicate ah'm piloting it (although it is moving) and ah've never not had the mouse-icon before

Year 11 Day 232 12:59
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
I know what ships can/not be NPC'ed, just wasn't sure how far along the NPC overhaul project was.

Tiali, it won't work if you're moving and the ships have to be the same type (ie, must be 2 X-wings not just 2 fighters).


Year 11 Day 232 14:19
Yeah well, wasn't moving at the time ah tried, and when ah got back to other ship and got the mouse-thingy to show up totally forgot to check again

Was 2 different freighters (a Sprint is a frieghter, right?) so wouldn't have worked anyway

You can't NPC fighters to follow a freighter, kinda like as a fighter escort, right?

Year 11 Day 232 14:41
Correct. They have to be not only the same class of ship but the exact same ship (and I may add: OR vehicle) as the piloted one. This is basically exactly how prospecting works. You pilot one ship/vehicle and get a group of ones exactly like it to follow you.

And in the menu you pointed out, the option you're looking for is "Set Controller", which gives you the choices of NPC Controlled or Unmanned.

As another point, remember NOT to tick the box next to the ship you are piloting when setting controller, only the ones you want grouped with you. Otherwise you remove yourself from "piloted" status and will have to leave the cockpit and return to be considered piloting the ship.


Year 11 Day 232 14:46
Nutzilla! If ah had known that ah would have at least attempted it

So still no chance to have a squadron of y-wings act as escort unless ah pilot one of them?

Year 11 Day 232 15:24
That is correct. So in theory, you and a squad of Y's could escort another player (who would pilot the freighter), but you can't NPC pilot different ship types: such as having a squad of Y-Wings with a freighter, or even mixing a squad of X/Y/A-Wings.


Year 11 Day 232 19:23
As others have said, you can only NPC fighters and specific freighters, and only when you are at the same location and they are exactly the same type (ie Y-wing to Y-wing, not Y-wing to Y-wing longprobe).

In the future it may be possible that using NPC pilots to squad up will allow for escorts for your freighters etc, but rules for that are not made and could be anything.


Year 11 Day 233 0:14
Much thanks, maybe might be a possible thought for the DEVs for when Combat is released (but that is all ah will say on the matter as anything Combat related can be a touchy subject :P)