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Year 11 Day 232 13:40
Christian Hall
Christian Hall
My xp bar looks funny,

Alright it should look like
[Next: 50,000]

Now for some reason the part that says
[Next 50,000]
The bottom half is cut off So I can't really see it.

So do I bugbase it or is it my fault? I use FF for my browser btw.

Year 11 Day 232 14:13
Been that way with me for ages, ah just figured it was because the box for the XP field is too small (or the font is too big, one or the either)

If you run your pointer of the [Next: 1,000,000] it should pop up nice and big

Year 11 Day 232 14:32
Christian Hall
Christian Hall
Oh yeah I know that. I just figured that it was time I dragged this bug into the light.

Glad to know its not just me though.

Year 11 Day 232 19:44
Works fine for me in IE. My guess is that your font settings are too large. I know I've seen several peoples accounts when I have been hijacking for bugs that have text that is almost twice the size as those on my account.


Year 11 Day 232 20:52
Christian Hall
Christian Hall
Your right! Thanks! I fixed it!