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Year 11 Day 232 13:49
does any1 know what city and planet this starport is in?

Facility: Facility Korunaan Intergalactic Spaceport

Year 11 Day 232 14:23
Try on the Traders Forum, the last time ah was there (before getting banned for life :P) they had a thread you could post your "Who is the owner of this rusty bucket?" type request in

But... by the sounds of it, maybe in the city of Korunaan (or maybe the planet of Korunaan?) Your best bet is still to go to the Traders Forum and post in there

Year 11 Day 232 19:33
That sounds like one of the NPC starports. Incidentally they are generally all copies of the other so the names are the same (so its not necessarily on Koruun - I changed a lot of city names that were called Koruunan city). So, if the TRaders Lounge cannot help you ( and with a generic name like that its unlikely) you could try visiting each race homeworld and head to the NPC starport city that looks different on the map and search in there.


Year 11 Day 238 4:27
Koruunan was the generic city name given to any and all NPC cities with the same template for homeworlds; Starport, Shop, Hospital, etc.

Some have been renamed when requested by the planet owners, others have not. So the city you're looking for, can be one one of several dozen planets.


Year 11 Day 238 12:49
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
Try stepping outside, it will be easier to find your location then, planet 'n all, it should show up in the location box on the right of your screen.