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Year 11 Day 233 4:18
Azuris Onyxra
Azuris Onyxra
I have some NPCs here which have some available skill points yet I can't seem to find a way to assign them to a new skill. Its not where it is on a player character sheet.

Can anyone assist?

Year 11 Day 233 5:24
Actually, they usually tend to be in the same place

In fact, ah just checked with one of mah little furball NPCs and it works just the same (on the NPC inventory, you click on the [View NPC Skills] link which brings up their Character Sheet {the same as for your Character Sheet} and click on the [Assing Skill Points] link and away you go)

Year 11 Day 233 14:33
Azuris Onyxra
Azuris Onyxra
They're a faction NPC. And even when i bring up the View NPC skills, it shows that they have 4 skill points, just doesn't have the Assign Skill points option. Could it possibly be a bug with faction owned NPCs? I'm set as the Manager and Supervisor.

Year 11 Day 233 15:49
You probably don't have sufficient privs in the faction.


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Year 11 Day 233 23:13
As Hal said, if they are Faction NPCs you need to have the appropriate privileges, not just be the SuperManager

Year 11 Day 234 20:34
A lot of faction stuff you will need the respective privs to be able to access. Just because you can see them, doesn't necessarily mean that you can do anything to/with them.