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Year 11 Day 233 20:23
Shuji Shizuka
Shuji Shizuka
Okay, so it says that the standard flight suit is implemented, but what does it actually do? Can you really survive outside your ship for 48 hours with it and the helmet on? how would you get out in the first place?


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Year 11 Day 233 20:25

I believe this is what you're looking for.


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Year 11 Day 233 20:46
Shuji Shizuka
Shuji Shizuka

Year 11 Day 233 23:26
You take no damage on a moon? Or are moon's in this considered 'small planets' like the Sanctuary Moon of Endor opposed to Luna?

Coming from a (relatively) cold area, wearing a Thermal suit would be appropriate for a cold world (thermal undies keep you warm, not help you cool off)

Year 11 Day 235 9:40
Kainen Morguli
Kainen Morguli
It's a Thermal Survival suit, meaning Hot Survival suit. It is specially made to protect you from extreme temperatures.

The Arctic Survival suit is used to survive the inverse. This suit is designed to keep the wearers body warm in temperatures that are below that which is survivable for the unprotected body.

Year 11 Day 236 0:55
Ok, so Thermal Insulation is used to keep you cool?

Year 11 Day 236 5:30
Of course, insulation works both ways!

Year 11 Day 236 7:51
Kainen Morguli
Kainen Morguli
That's a simpler way of putting it lol.

Year 11 Day 236 20:47
Then why don't Thermal Suits work in the cold?

Year 11 Day 236 20:55


Year 11 Day 237 0:45
Kainen Morguli
Kainen Morguli
I agree with the whole balance thing...but then again, I have to look at other perspectives. If the SW universe is supposed to be so far advanced...why couldn't they have one suit that does both. I mean heck, here it is 2010, and we have space suits that can cool or heat an individual to keep their temperature regulated.

Year 11 Day 237 1:26
Mah main problem is the word 'Thermal' in reference to heat protection

Year 11 Day 237 2:46
Thermal doesn't necessarily mean hot. It just means that the object is related to thermal energy. Whether it's protecting from thermal energy or actually produces heat is a completely different matter.

Year 11 Day 251 13:08
so flight suits don't keep you warm say if one where to go to hoth one would need the arctic suit and if one where to go to a hot planet they would need a thermal suit.


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Year 11 Day 251 19:45