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Year 11 Day 237 5:19
Since the last update, ground travel has changed quite a bit. I understand there's 1min per square rule for the city travel. but I can't find anything saying cross terrain has the same limit.

From what I heard, travel across terrain is now at least 30mins. That I can not understand. Why would you put a speed limit when travelling in wild?
Plus it seems a bit unfair for fast ships and vehicles, say for example Cloud Cars.

Did I miss any Sim news or rules change?

Year 11 Day 237 9:11
Yeah, it used to take less time to cross an empty square than it took to cross a city (or maybe the same time, it certainly didn't take longer)

Year 11 Day 238 11:38
What has also been changed is what terrain square you can cross to from where you are. Earlier, if you were in the top right corner of a terrain/city square, you could only cross to the north, east and diagonally to NE. Now you can cross to the NE even if you are in the lower left corner, and it's 30 min. from both locations. So in a way you have a bit more travel time, but you only need to click travel once to get to the next city/terrain.

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Year 11 Day 238 15:13
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
Another related point, why is that I can leave a crater even though the vehicle I was in doesn't allow it but couldn't go back? Surely it's easier to get in a crater than get out of one?


Year 11 Day 238 17:30
BEcause when you move it checks where you are going, not where you are. So if you are on the edge and move out of a crater to a terrain the vehicle can move on its fine, but when you try to return it recognises it as restricted and stops you moving there.


Year 11 Day 239 20:02
I do appreciate the change that you can travel anywhere from the border.
But I have to point out the 30min across terrain makes some fast vehicles useless.

Cloud Car used to go across terrain within 200km / 1500km/h x 60min = 8min. Given the new distance 300km between cities, it still can go within 12min.

The speedy vehicle at least had an actural use with the old rule. But now, any ship/vehicle runs faster than 600km/h is capped at 30mins across terrain. Why would you buy a Cloud Car other than collection purpose? Surely a big loss for the vehicle company I'd say.