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Year 11 Day 241 9:19

I'll been playing now for some time but I've never bought or produced any Uglies out of the fact that inside their descriptions malfunctions and technical problems such as breaking down in the most peculiar ways has been found in their descriptions.

My question is will this be simulated or is it already simulated inside the game why I ask is well I might just go about and buy myself a Ugly if I only knew how or if or when yeah I think you catch my drill. If no major technical errors is expected I figured it could be a good trainer for new folks I help, but I do not want them stranded during their first sublightspeed test why I ask about this future.

Year 11 Day 241 9:20
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
They don't break down.

Year 11 Day 241 10:23
The answer is - They are not entirely Ugly yet they are simply put Fugly at the moment cause they do not breakdown but might in the future if such a Suggestion get past to the developers.

I'll have seen small things been introduced earlier, like door frames collapsing causing minor concussions and other small annoying futures, I'll would buy Pinooks if I where you Plovo, safety first.

Year 11 Day 241 11:47
I do not know if it was ever discussed either. But, if you feel that it might be implemented, look elsewhere.


7:13 PM] Lartog Ulmug (Sanctuary): I've never been more scared seeing a naked penguin running at me full sprint
Year 11 Day 241 12:57
The poor stats of an Ugly is mainly attributed to its horrible Ionic Capacity rating.

Year 11 Day 241 13:59
Thanks guys yep it may be the best alternative on a shoe string budget.

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Year 11 Day 241 14:35
Ryan Roche
Ryan Roche
Uglies got their name because they look ugly. They aren't attractive and they just don't look good. They're ugly.



Ryan's Arts Workshop
Year 11 Day 241 15:12

Ryan yes they are Ugly indeed or maybe even Fugly as Martin said. ^^