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Year 11 Day 242 9:56

So ive tried twice. and the first time it said my name was to close to an existing one or something?

my first name was Tater Tots ...how is that anywhere close to an existing name?

my second name.. they said they had suspicion of me having multi accounts. my name was Peter Fitswell ..and got decline for the reason i just stated.

help me out please. im just tryin to play the game. no multi accounts or anything. im in afghanistan and the only person on this computer so i dont think its an IP problem.

Year 11 Day 242 10:01

and for the fist name this is what i was told

It was turned down because of the presence of a restricted name or adjective, such as "Lord", "Count" or "Darth", or an existing Star Wars character name was chosen such as "Luke Skywalker" or "Han Solo".

Year 11 Day 242 11:07
Tater Tots are a brand of hash browns, you can't use that as your character name (the person processing your first request probably miss-clicked).

Please check the Character Creation rules (http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Character_Creation) and try to sign up again.

Year 11 Day 242 13:01
My suggestion would be to pick a nme that is not some sort of sexual innuendo or food item.


7:13 PM] Lartog Ulmug (Sanctuary): I've never been more scared seeing a naked penguin running at me full sprint