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Archives » Stuck on a ship/vehicle/spacestation and cannot leave?
Occasionally you may find that you are trapped on a ship or vehicle or spacestation and cannot leave, and cannot find out where you are since you are no longer the pilot, or never were. There are several routes you can take:

1a. Contact the Owner
Whenever you are inside an entity that you do not own (or are otherwise unable to assign), there will be a 'Contact Owner' yellow icon under the right hand side of the main screen. This will allow you to send a DM to the owner (Faction Leader if it is faction-owned) allowing you to ask them to be assigned as pilot or be given its co-ordinates so you can arrange a pick-up. You will not be able to see who the owner is however, unless they reply to you.

1b. Contact the Owner (if you remember)
There is a possibility that you played before before going inactive, and was using someonelses entity. In this case, if you remember, you can try contacting them directly. If its was a faction owned ship then you could try someone else in that faction other than the leader.

2. Seeing if anyone else knows
If contacting the owner doesn't provide any help, you can try asking the general SWC populace if they know anything about it. You can post in the Traders Lounge, making a new thread giving the entities name and ID (if you can find it). Other players may recognise the name as belonging to them, or know of who owns an entity with that name. Some faction owned entities will have accronyms in front and that may also help identify the owner.

3. Dropping your character
This is considered as one of your last resorts. In your Character settings, you can utilise the "Drop Character" button. This means that your current character will no longer be playable by you (in fact, you turn into an NPC). All assets owned by you will follow the normal procedures as if you had sunned, been arrested and executed, etc. You will have the 21 Days Wait as set out by the server before you are able to create a new character and start over again. You will only keep the CPs from your previous character.

Unless you are bugged, or in a location of which the server has stopped you travelling, the Administration will not be involved.

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