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Year 11 Day 245 14:03
I was on the ground in the top right corner (0,0) at 3,0 of a planet, at the top edge.
I went to cross terrain and I saw it gave me the option of cross-terrain travelling not only to the left, but to all 5 surrounding squares! Even though I wasnt at those edges.
Just to see if it would let me I crossed to the lower left tile. It did let me.
Has this changed intentionally? Or is it a bug?
Should I report it?
--Arch, out.

Year 11 Day 245 16:34
Nope, new feature that allows all direction travel across terrain.


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Year 11 Day 245 20:07
Hot diggity! I really dont remember reading it in the updates

Year 11 Day 245 22:21
Don't get too exited: if you try and cross from a side you normally couldn't, it will take you 30 minutes

Year 11 Day 245 22:27
And if you cross from a side you could it will still be 30mins (from what I have heard others say). So no penalty.


Year 11 Day 246 1:00
If it's 30 minutes to cross on the side you are on, it should be reported as a bug

Year 11 Day 246 1:15


Year 11 Day 246 2:01
I might be guilty of stating that crossing took 30 min. from either side, but has since discovered that 30 min. is for a PES. Doing the same in a BFF Bulk takes 1H 8M with a piloting skill of 2.

Year 11 Day 246 2:28
30min is the minimum now I believe.


Year 11 Day 246 3:07
In an A-Wing it takes me 30 minutes from wherever I start cross-terrain travel from so 30 minutes is the minimum, kind of detracts from using faster transport but I'm guessing that's preferable to have a wider range due to the time it would then take slower transport to move.

Technically the times could be different based on where travel starts from and I'm not noticing due to both times being bumped up to 30 minutes but I'm pretty sure thats not the case.


Year 11 Day 246 4:43
Don't mean to derail this any further, but why was the Cross Terrain travel time slowed down?