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Year 11 Day 248 18:35
It depends how the sites in question track credit, I believe.


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Year 11 Day 248 19:50
Lev Bolden
Lev Bolden
I concur... I have not missed a click in a long time and the first time i remember missing the weekly bonus was as soon as they added the backwards incentive sites. The only day the weekly fidelity bonus was paid since was day 239.

Year 11 Day 248 20:08
You can add me to the 239 list also.


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Year 11 Day 249 2:46
Its been a long time since I've recived the fidelity bonus. I click every day though.

Year 11 Day 249 4:51
Thanks Ellias, I kinda thought that but I never saw a message when I hovered over that link.

Year 11 Day 250 22:50
Wrex Skarr
Wrex Skarr
how do i add myself to the list of those not recieving it, and will that fix it


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Leader Of Clan Hruk'Tu
Year 11 Day 251 6:39
It doesn't fix it, but I would assume the more that report the issue, the faster it can be fixed. Its under the Support link.

Year 11 Day 251 17:17
I didn't start to click them again until after day 239. I got no bonus.

Year 11 Day 256 11:17
i havent been getting any either....ive been voting eveyrday...if i missed one...then its not that big of a deal as it states we are supposed to get it if we vote every two days

Year 11 Day 259 16:22
Been voting every day, and not getting my weekly bonus as well.


Rawth Shacklefist
Year 11 Day 262 8:36
whats the ticket # for this? i would like to add myself to that list, but can't find it. forgive me if it is listed somewhere and i missed it. i tend to have a blind spot right in front of my face.


Year 11 Day 263 22:17
Akela Galney
Akela Galney
Mine doesn't go back as far as D239, but I can tell from my logs that through D244 I have been voting daily since.

Year 11 Day 266 16:56
Barrett Duran
Barrett Duran
one of the sites wont let me vote for us cause we won within the past four weeks so that might be the problem


Year 11 Day 266 18:35
its been about a month since I have received a Fidelity bonus

hmm...maybe we just all got glitched? is anyone receiving it at all?

Year 11 Day 266 19:22
Known Glitch. It might be fixed by next sync, maybe not. Otherwise, be patient everyone, all in good time.

Year 11 Day 268 10:47
Isma Aaln Serth
Isma Aaln Serth
And keep clicking.


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