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Year 11 Day 247 20:22
Icarus Carinae
Icarus Carinae
I'm sorry but giving people only 24 hours to comment on a Sim News linked thread just isn't enough time. I average checking the combine several times a day but I sometimes have to go 24-36 hours without being able to check my account. Can we please keep those threads open just a bit longer maybe?

Year 11 Day 248 11:53
THere is one sim news comment thread in the general forum, it has been open for months now. Just post there.


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Year 11 Day 248 12:37
He means the one linked by Veynom regarding system/sector control, I believe.

And/or perhaps the wiki name thread that was locked after 10 hours for a competition listed as going on for 3 days.


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Year 11 Day 248 18:32
Icarus, I am guessing you mean the specific threads made to discuss certain upcoming features, rather than the generic Sim News discussion thread. In these cases after a certain point people posting say the same things with nothing new to add. The thread is closed because there is no point in going through the same responses for a 5th/6th/nth time.