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Archives » Suggestion on ship loading - is this in or out of bounds?
I was busily hustling materials around and it occurred to me that
the way cargo ships load could have a variation. Its kinda borderline as to the banned topics (Entity change re ships?), if one of the kind folk who admin this little world could weigh in and give me a thumbs up or down I'd appreciate it. Gotta keep the Wookies happy.

Here goes,

Change the logic on ships to where the max weight is a guide not a hard set. Here is the logic,

IF ship less than Max Gross Weight no operational change.

IF Ship load is greater than Max gross weight
AND in on the ground attempting to take off would cause damage based on selected speed, and the amount its over weight. Takeoff would be possible at low speed but would take much longer, IE 6 hours?

IF ship load is greater than max gross weight
AND in orbit or higher Only max volume is considered full, attempting to enter hyper would have major bad effects relative to the percentage of hyper speed selected.. Subspace would be fine, but exceeding more than 50% of rated sub-light would incur damage based on trip length and speed selected.

I think this would make piloting a more interesting skill, and off repair opportunities to the right folks....

That's it, I'd like to put this in a suggestion topic if it seems like a worthwhile topic.

Tarc Drathul

It does not fall under the restricted topics.


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If I am reading it right you are suggesting the fuller the ship is the slower it gets? I really dont like that idea. I think the speed shouldn't change regardless of how full your ship is. And if you make haulers even slower I bet you get more people heading for suns from frustration. Travel takes long as it is, dont make it longer.


Lilith - Star Wars Story

According to what he posted, they only get slower if you OVERload them.
However, future discussion of this should go to the appropriate thread in the Suggestions forum.