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Archives » I need help loading at Mine.
Year 11 Day 251 10:22
I am at the mine. My faction owns and when i click building managment it says (In an uncharacteristic lapse of memory you look around and realize you are no longer in the cockpit, and must return to access the controls.
You have no access to the cockpit.) I dont know what to do. Any help would be awsome.


-Todd Striker
Year 11 Day 251 10:49
In an uncharacteristic lapse of judgement you failed to read the message!

"You have no access to the cockpit."

You need privs or for the mine to be assigned to you.

Year 11 Day 251 10:57
O they ment the comand center in the mine i dont have privs too.


-Todd Striker
Year 11 Day 251 13:21
Dorn Zeke
Dorn Zeke
You have 3 options:

1) Your faction needs to give you command room priviledges for facilities AND your faction must a) be on the crewlist of the mine AND b) either own the mine, or be assigned as manager.

2) Your faction can assign you as manager of the mine.

3) Your faction can assign you as operator of the mine. Note that if they asked you to start the mine, you MUST be operator of the mine.