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Archives » Population -- 0 to 6 trillion in 11 years?
As soon as a flat completes (I think?) the population of the planet it is built on automatically shoots up -- essentially people spawn from nowhere, endless immigration from another galaxy, cloning perhaps? Population from nearby friendly planets doesn't decrease to provide a startup population for a new colony. Already built up planets with new flats just produce massive new populations to fit the new flats when they complete.

Furthermore, there is no population growth. Once the rulers have built enough flats so they are content, the population just stays the same. Strict '2 children exactly' policy, immortal population, infertile clones that reproduce only when one dies?

My question (sorry for the lead up): has this problem been considered in the past, but such dynamic population growth proved to be a strain or for some reason it is impossible?

I understand that it is absurd to think that the galaxy should have started at 0 population and there was a need in the past to populate the galaxy with enough people to make the galaxy plausible, but I think we are past the point of that. I hope that bit makes sense.

(I would put this in the suggestions forum -- sans question; add suggestion -- but since I don't think there is anyway that this problem has not been discussed in the past, I am asking here for the reasoning.)

I tend to look at it more as an "if you build it, they will come" type of scenario. The population is already out there, but without modern residences, etc, there's no way of conducting an accurate census or monitoring and interacting with that population.

Take Ithor, for example. Are we to believe there are barely over 2 million Ithorians on their home planet? That's a ridiculously low number.

No, I believe they're there, in their villages and communities, and just not being counted by the "civilised" galaxy, until they start living in modern, technological cities where they can be counted and taxed and advertised to about products they don't want and will never need. ;)


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A reasonable explanation for homeworlds/already populated worlds in canon, but what about Gas Giant TPs? Can we assume that there were 250 billion miners on Haradan before Hapes built it into a TP? Or even temperate non-homeworlds in the Outer Rim?

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Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
The reasoning is that it's needed for gameplay, that's all. Just assume that the trillions of people that canonly lived on Coruscant and its ilk have emigrated to other less populated planets, or something.

Icarus Carinae
Icarus Carinae
The iNPC thing will also make things more realistic towards your suggestion I believe.