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Year 11 Day 264 0:10
Icarus Carinae
Icarus Carinae
I hope its already in the works, but with the Home One having a DC and multiples being possible, it should be renamed to a more appropriate name?


Mon Calamari MC-80 Home One Class Cruiser

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Year 11 Day 264 2:38
Agreed, if the SSD is getting a re-name to reflect that the Executor was also it's ship class the Home One needs to be identified in the same way

Year 11 Day 264 3:14
It would be "MC80 Home One type Star Cruiser". At least try to get the canon name. >.

Year 11 Day 264 7:54
Like it's done :)


Sim Master Veynom

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Year 11 Day 264 11:43
Veynom, seriously. Please remove "Mon Calamari" from the name. That's NOT the canon name and it's redundant with "MC80" there.

It'd be like calling it the Human Victory-class Star Destroyer.


Year 11 Day 264 13:33
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
I agree with Weylin, I think "MC-80 Home One Class Cruiser" looks better.

though in The New Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels they are called Mon Calamari MC80 Star Cruisers... so I assume the Mon Calamari portion may actually be more canon.




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Year 11 Day 264 14:20
And I've seen those books put Kuat Drive Yards ___insert ship class___. It doesn't mean it's part of the actual class name.

I notice that the book page there only actually says it once... Hell, it's not even entirely about the MC80 series!

Year 11 Day 264 15:18
Gunther Innis Tennor
Gunther Innis Tennor
Mon Cal + MC = Redundant


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