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Year 11 Day 266 11:21
Wrex Skarr
Wrex Skarr
Allrite guys i got a question i havent recieved my cp click bonus in a long while, i have added my name to the previous ticket made, and started my own and yet nothing is fixed. How long till this is fixed?


Patriarch Of House Skarr
Leader Of Clan Hruk'Tu
Year 11 Day 266 11:39
please understand that this s a totaly free game, even the developers (or admins) only work on this game in there spare time. as a result of this things tend to take some time to get worked on. but do not fear, i'm shore that once they get around to fixing it they will give you all the CP's that you wold have had if it where working all along.

so, please be patient and enjoy the game for what it is now.


Year 11 Day 266 17:30
Creating duplicate bugs isn't going to speed anything up because you're just wasting someone's time designating it as a duplicate.

We also haven't had a sync for a long time, and nothing gets fixed until we sync even if the code has been repaired on Dev. Sin has stated that the next sync won't be until the start of next month at the earliest.

And while it is annoying not to receive the fidelity bonus, there are other bugs that affect actual gameplay that I'd rather see fixed first.


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