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Year 11 Day 267 15:51
Iv noticed that the holoprojector does not have a producer, iv also noticed they they are not mentioned as rare. I was wondering if there are ANY holoprojectors in the universe.


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Year 11 Day 267 15:58
Their producer dissolved when they owner was stupid and emptied the faction out completely THEN tried to sell it off.

Year 11 Day 267 16:00
So is it safe to say that there are some still floating around out there? Why has the DC not been given to some other production faction?


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Year 11 Day 267 16:10
Because when a faction is dissolved, they will not hand out the datacard again. It's readded to the R&D pool.

I'm sure there are a few around, just not many as they never really had a use.

Year 11 Day 267 16:11
Hmm. Well that sucks. Id like to get my hands on at least one.


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Year 11 Day 267 18:06
Fortunately I managed to order mine just before they dissolved. Should of asked for a batch thinking back, hehe. Took a while to actually get ownership of it since they jumped all around the player base when they went on the market etc.

If a use was coded for it before it became available again in R&D, its possible the DC would be handed out, but don't bet anything on it.


Year 11 Day 268 0:02
Do you know anyone else that may have one Ellias? Im kinda a collector of rare and useless things. :D


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Year 11 Day 268 8:37
Being the only Item faction without DC's I volunteer Santhe Corporation to take over the production of the item.

Thought I would throw that out there since the generous handing out of the home one DC


now the wait for the DENIED post

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Year 11 Day 268 17:44
You think they'll dignify it with a response?


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Year 11 Day 268 19:47

Oh Great Admins. You are the Creator of All. You move the Stars with just a thought. May you shine your planet warming smile down to This humble Faction. Allow them the access to your kindly given Resources.

Maybe that will help. :D


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Year 11 Day 269 0:06
Unless they are like Crom

Year 11 Day 269 10:07
They might of responded, who knows, I really think it is a selective process of drawing straws to see who gets to post the response.

Year 11 Day 271 1:39
Or (and this is more fact then oppion) they dont care about your faction. In fact, it is probably best if you understand that they probably view you as an illegitimate child...



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