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Year 6 Day 358 13:29
Tai`to Kale
Tai`to Kale
OK, the weirdest message appeared in my general events:

Year 6 Day 357, 13:20 You have started retooling the space station News Corp Satellite 1 to produce Lancer-class Frigate. 

What the heck does that mean? what did i just do? Is that a bug?

Edited By: Tai`to Kale on Year 6 Day 358 13:36
Year 6 Day 358 16:22
Lucas Cipher
Lucas Cipher
Propably You've played with buttons Khan shown on art forum..
Bad Tai`to!

Year 6 Day 358 16:55
Tai`to Kale
Tai`to Kale
I restrained myself from pressing anything else after the event appeared but i thought that was for show and the event was a separate issue. didn't knew it was actually doing anything.

Still.. nothing will happen, right?

Edited By: Tai`to Kale on Year 6 Day 358 16:57
Year 6 Day 358 23:13

The retooling part means that in X hours it'll be setup to produce Lancer's. At the moment the production interface points to my test station, and retooling doesn't do any harm anyway, so it's fine.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 360 7:42
Tai`to Kale
Tai`to Kale
Doesn't do any harm, unless you are breaking someone else's satelite to get yourself a Lancer-class frigate (which is what i thought had happened). Then the owner migh get a little angry.

Anyway, now i know nothing is broken. Please excuse me while i go poke some more stuff.

Year 6 Day 362 6:14
I got a wierd message as well...

i apperently started mining, when i was nowhere near a mine.
in fact, i was onboard a ship


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Year 6 Day 362 19:16
pointed BK this way.


Kids these days!