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Year 11 Day 269 2:55

i registered and tried to create an account today by the name of Louis Long also i tried yesterday to create one called CaCoo Con. I tried twice because i talked today with Hal Breden and he said i needed to write that it was my school network, I was trying to make an account on.

I received your email and was wondering if you could tell me what the account names are that were created from my school IP so that i can discover which of the 5 Adam's in my class alone made which account

your help in this matter is much appreciated
Louis Long

Year 11 Day 269 3:38
You have 2 other adams in your class, both of which made illegal multis? Seems really odd. I may let our resident Multi-hunter probe more in depth if you insist that there are multiple adams etc in your class.


Year 11 Day 269 3:48

so ur saying that there is more than five other accounts from my school IP because there is that i know of 5 Adams in my school, Its a big school after all.

just a small question but could each have created an account if there is five or however many accounts under the name Adam and at my Schools IP address and then you banned them after making the logical assumption that each of the accounts belongs to the same person??

Year 11 Day 269 3:50

Additionally be aware that i tried to create an account earlier this week but was rejected so i consulted your help board (ques for admin section) and was told to submit another application stating the case of using my schools IP adress

Year 11 Day 269 15:36
Yes, I did, because unexplained IP matches are the main cause of the rejection reason you quoted.

That doesn't mean that the appropriate multi-accounts admin won't find it highly suspicious that of the multiple people signed up from your school, all of them happen to be named Adam. You have to admit it's beyond coincidental.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 11 Day 269 23:39

i do admit i is extremely suspect and i hate that the school admin put us in the same class but there is nothing i can do about it. it was not my decision to be named Adam but its what happened

if i no chance of being ale to have an account then please tell me


Louis Long

Year 11 Day 270 0:22
Christian Hall
Christian Hall
Is it just me or is Lou is long's handle innuendo? I may just be tired and reading to much into it...

Year 11 Day 270 0:55

i wasn't meant to be

Year 11 Day 270 1:03
Christian Hall
Christian Hall
SEE! I'm tired, that is my Que to get to sleep.....3 in the Mornin here. going to be operating on three hours of sleep...hope to see you around Louis

Year 11 Day 270 4:59

ye i hope to c u round as well

Year 11 Day 270 18:46

Am i able to appeal my account creation rejection or am i not allowed to?

Year 11 Day 273 3:02

i also would like to ask if u could tell me when the illegal multis were made so i can ask my friends more specifically