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Year 11 Day 274 15:34
Ok, didn't realise it was just the NavComp giving false readings, thought it was travel time being shorter all around

If ah ever get to fly a Cap Ship again, ah will hopefully remember to check the NavCom first to check if there is a discrepancy in the ETA's

Didn't mean to sound like an ignorant idiot, was trying to help but didn't have the full facts :(

{EDIT} Ok, just completed mah trip to Pakrik, and it took 7d 20m, just like both the NavCom and ship ETA said, so so far havn't come across the same problems as Graal and Padme have encountered (still haven't tried a CapShip or slower ship yet)

Edited By: Tiali Bixa-Loca on Year 11 Day 279 15:47

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Year 11 Day 293 22:39
Avella James
Avella James
I am flying a fast ship, I make sure my speed skills are correct in navcom and the ETA is always wrong.

I am a new player and made a total of 5 hyper jumps. Each of the 5 were off. The actual ETA was always a little longer.

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