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Archives » Bio and Description Question
Year 11 Day 271 21:47
I'd like to know if it really matters if you completly change the bio and description of your character.

Say your a Yam'rii and your description says your jade green with orange eyes and clipper like forearms. Your parents were the senetors of the planet your were born on.

But suddenly your found to be force sensitive in the combine so you change you bio and description to say this...

Your silver/grey in colour with bright pink eyes and manipulater claws. Your force sensitive and aligned to the dark side carring a double endded lightsaber. You were born on Nar Shadda and your parents died when you were very young and you raised yourself on the street.

Would such a change matter much if you roleplay heaps? Or is this sorta frowned apon by fellow roleplayers?


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Year 11 Day 271 21:52
I doubt very many will worry, but consistency is always good.

Year 11 Day 272 4:07
you can always work with your bio and expand it instead of writing something completely new. But as Jevon said, doubtfully many will care.


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Year 11 Day 272 5:40
Eshini`el Sandhawk
Eshini`el Sandhawk
For me it`s only a bad taste when people change their avatars to completely new ones, not similar to old ones too often.
As to biography it`s kind of hidden and people need to check it for themselves if they want to read it. I think many people don`t care about biographies.
Unless you already put it somewhere for all to read, changing all the story doesn`t matter imo.

In example you wrote there is a chance to make a biography more interesting, by describing the change and surroundings in which it happened. In many good movies and stories the main character changes and grows up, finds some hidden potential to overcome obstacles during the story. Describing this change can add more action to the story.
Like eyes and claws started to change due to Darkside influence, he killed or had his parents killed while filled with hatred to everything.

Year 11 Day 272 12:53
If you care about your RP, you shouldn't change it. Rather you should find a way to work within the established past of your character. That would be how to RP it appropriately.

If you're asking how other people would react, then as has been pointed out nobody else is likely to notice, much less give a damn.


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