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Year 11 Day 283 17:55
Levi Badstar
Levi Badstar
i was wondering if it's possible when levelling up to redistribute skill points from a skill that i don't use but have invested points in to a skill i wish to use..

also on topic of skill points; when creating character i distributed points over wide range, have lots of 1s 2s but nothing higher. has this approach handicaped my character development, would it have been better to have few 4s 5s than many 1s 2s?

any advice on this would be cool.

Year 11 Day 283 18:02
To your first question; no, it's not possible to redistribute skill points. You might also want to save the points you get from levelling up to see how skills are used in the future, to adapt your character to unexpected requirements.

As for skill distribution, it depends who you listen to. A lot of people favour specialisation - a few 4/5s over other skills - which can make you valuable in a specific role, but might make it hard for your character to adapt later if circumstances change, or you want to do something different. On the other hand, a wide range of skills allows you to do more with mild competency, but makes you a poor choice for a lot of tasks because you lack the higher skills with lower time/cost or increase accuracy/success.

A wide distribution may be beneficial to a freelancer, as you can do more yourself without needing outside help, whereas a faction may look more for someone with high specific skills. But that's something of a generalisation, as there are factions (and mine is one of them) that don't worry too much about what your skills are, either when recruiting or assigning tasks. Initiative and activity can make up for a lot where skills are concerned.
I should think Governments and Production groups look more for specific skills, but that's more of a guess than anything based on experience or observation.


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Year 11 Day 283 18:05
I acknowledge the skills in the SWCombine are not fully defined, and will not hold the coder of this script, nor any one of the administration, liable to my own stupid mistakes. There will be no refunds or resassignments of skill points if definitions or skills are changed.

- Skill Point Assignment Disclaimer

To answer your other question, there really are no stupid choices in skill point assignment, it's all in how you play the game with your chosen skills. As many skills are not yet fully implemented, no-one can really say how any skill-set will affect later actions/choices.

Edit: Hal ninja'ed me :P

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Year 11 Day 284 3:35
Levi Badstar
Levi Badstar
thanks for the input guys, was quite helpful.

Year 11 Day 284 11:13
Honestly, I'd take a level 1-skilled player (to whatever skill I need) who signs in every day and is on IRC rather than a level 5-skilled player who signs in once a week and responds only through DM.