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Archives » How to get a Ketterifee Air Mover docked in a C-3 Passenger liner
Ok...... Here is the problem..... The C-3 has no landing on surface abilities and of course the KAM can't fly. The capacity of the C-3 is 3000/5000.... so I need a ship that can dock in the C-3 but can also pick up the KAM and undock it on to the C-3.
unless there is any other special way I can load the KAM on the C-3.

Any suggestions?

Thanks Manta

Zero Turner
Zero Turner
Haven't tried it myself, but possibly docking with a station could work, i.e. Trading Station.

Edited By: Zero Turner on Year 11 Day 285 1:51
I would probably say no at this time. Its too heavy and big to fit in any ship with a hanger bay and those with sufficient space cannot fit in a C-3. Unfortunately you're out of luck in that regard. Probably have to settle for sticking a Sprint in for your medical needs.


Well........I just checked and there is nothing that my C-3 can dock in except for a Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship. The C-3's m3 is 4 million so yea the "docking inside" idea may be out of the question.

Any other ideas please.........

Thanks Zero


YES, Ellias that is what I was considering doing next if I couldn't get this to work and doesn't it figure I sold mine about 6 months ago.

Edited By: Manta Birostris on Year 11 Day 285 2:39
I have actually done this:) Not sure if its a bug or a feature but I was able to move vehicles from ship to ship in space. Worked only with ships with docking ports. I picked up the speeder with a Bayonet, went to space to the same square as our C-3, went into the Ketterifee, clicked Dock (while it was docked in the Bayonet) in cockpit screen and was given an option to dock it inside the C-3.

Hope it works for you too.

Edited By: Lilith Delcroix on Year 11 Day 285 3:36

Lilith - Star Wars Story

Docking ports actually do something? Amazing.


lol I am starting to believe it was a bug even more now if even Ellias doesn't know about docking ports:D


Lilith - Star Wars Story

OK! I will keep that idea in mind too! Thank you very much.

Neb Dulo
Neb Dulo
KAM is a speeder with repulsorlift. And can fly up to atmosphere level. I'm not sure about C-3 if it can go down to atmosphere however...

Anyway somoene will have to help you with the pickup to atmosphere level I guess