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Year 6 Day 360 3:58
Lucas Cipher
Lucas Cipher
Let me describe whole thing:
I was picking a friend on Kashyyyk.He was in corssterrain travel that would last 2 days,so I decided to arrest him (while you're in crossterain you remain at borders of location you were starting from) and thus abort his travel..I've dragged him onboard my ship and unarrested.Then jumped to hyper.
Yesterday as I recall..he dissapeared from ship.
I've contacted him recently and asked where he's hidden.
Answer was: "Umm no.. I have ended back on hte planet somehow.. and now i am under arrest.. WTF". I believe travel has 'finished' and db thrown him there..Could I get him back onboard my ship?
His handle Andha Slcar and ship's ID 106209

Year 6 Day 360 14:41
In future, might I suggest you not try to exploit bugs in the game engine in order to save yourself time?

If I were the Admin, I'd unarrest him and send you back to get him yourself.


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Year 6 Day 360 15:41
Lucas Cipher
Lucas Cipher
I never considered this ability to be a bug, it seems all normal and logical to me. Travelling character also has to be 'somewhere' and thus is able to be arrested.. Using a/e here is more abuse of priviledges than trying to exploit a bug.

Year 6 Day 360 16:38
The bug being him standing there while travelling between terrain grids, Lucas.


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Year 6 Day 360 19:17
He reported this as a bug and I assigned it to Cam, so he'll be looking into it.


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Year 6 Day 361 6:46
Lucas Cipher
Lucas Cipher
Oki Khan,thanky.

WvI,as I said above,I've just never considered it a bug. In atmospheric travel,crossterrain etc. you can't be nowhere. Placing character/ship at starting point until travel ends was for me a solution to that.Well,but it's unintended and it's a bug. Thx for info then.