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Year 11 Day 288 18:27
Icarus Carinae
Icarus Carinae
Not a big issue right now but it could be in the future, some "cloth" armor has the same or more hull than "composite" armor. An Armor's hull determines how long the armor will last before falling off your chest or being useless (likely from close range explosives). In particular the BARC armor has one of the lowest hulls while the flack jacket is rather high on the list compared to others, not saying it isn't tough and durable just a strange comparison with other more durable armors.

Year 11 Day 288 20:47
Icarus Carinae
Icarus Carinae
And some armors list their AP by description and some list it in a stat box. Been looking over all the armor and some of the current stats are funky...I really hope its out of wack, out of date and someone responds to this saying buzz off we'll be updating it when we get to it.

Year 11 Day 290 20:57
The description stuff was there before the Armour stat - it was added, and the description stuff moved. Any AR values in the descirption that are left should be also in the Armour stat as well.

As for hull, I don't think that will count towards damage - only the ARmour value. Will have to wait until Sin has finished the coding of creature combat to see what it actually means.


Year 11 Day 292 20:37
Icarus Carinae
Icarus Carinae
I'm up on how AP is different from Hull, when Hull reaches 0 for anything it becomes "debris" of one form or another, hardened armor will naturally last longer, fabric based armor or fabric with plates sewed in will have a lower hull. Hull I'm assuming mostly only lower when near explosions.

AP itself may or may not be large depending on how well it protects the user, but its different from how it can last in the long term. I am surprised though that a Storm Trooper Helmet has 10 Armour, where as a Rebel Trooper Helmet which covers maybe 55-60% probably less of the users head gives a +15 AP. In turn the Rebel Snow Armor has no AP whatsoever to speak of which is also strange

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