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Year 6 Day 360 10:17
Hexx Harpy
Hexx Harpy
What are they about? Looks like a long-time institution, but I dont quite get it how they work. Thanks : )


- mobilis in mobili -
Year 6 Day 360 17:53
You just have to figure out how certain specific titles Khan puts on his posts relate to the contents of the said post.



\"It is in the time when darkness falls evil reigns and all hope has faded from site, that true leaders emerge bearing the gift of hope in its purest form.\"
Year 6 Day 360 19:12
Well, they usually relate to the content, but this latest one doesn't. Here's what I wrote when I started them.

Anyone that cares to read the titles of my news posts might have noticed they hardly ever bare any direct relation to the content of the post. Now introducing a new contest..."What the hell does Khan's post title mean?". I'll be giving 500 CPs to the first five people to figure out how the post title ties in with the content. You can mail it, PM it, ICQ me, use Carrier Pigeon, interpretive dance, whatever. Not all posts will be eligible, some will have normal and sensible topics and won't reward CPs. This topic is the first. 


Kids these days!